90 gas station of Petro China finished “convert oil to gas”

"ah, it’s too good, there is no oil gas smell !." On October 20th, Ms. Wang said excitedly at the 100th gas station of Ji'nan Marketing Company of Petro China when she is refueling. According to the refueling worker of the gas station, every fuel dispenser of the station was installed vapor recovery nozzle which can prevent gas leakage, the closure is much better than before. So far ,all 90 gas station of Ji'nan Marketing Company have installed vapor recovery device.


In order to reduce the pollution of oil and gas, Ji'nan marketing company of  Petro China actively promote the vapor recovery  reconstruction and compile scheme of the implementation . At the same time , they also perfect  the video monitoring system, IC card system, liquid level instrument system and  information management system of the gas station. If the safety distance does not meet the specifications they will add an isolating explosion-proof device

During gas station vapor recovery reconstruction, in addition to the installation of vapor recovery nozzle, another two aspects also need vapor recovery. One is in the oil unloading process, using closed oil unloading method so that oil and gas is guided back to the enclosed pipeline, and then enter into the recovery device to be collected and the pollution is limited to minimum. The other  is in the oil tank storage areas. When the oil and gas in the tank reaches a certain pressure, the filtration membrane will separate the air from the gas and oil, the air will be released into the atmosphere, the oil and gas will be back to the tank automatically. .