SANKI new product ----300L/min heavy flow fuel dispenser

With increasingly diversified and modern of gas station and oil depot service demand, except meeting the demand of Sinopec, Petro China, CNOOC China and the requirements of conventional model of the social service station, Beijing SANKI also specifically developed many kinds of heavy flow fuel dispensers apply to oil wholesale, ships and trains. As one of the star products, the 300 L/min heavy flow fuel dispenser is widely followed by the market, particularly in the state oil management system project of Sudan.


In 2014, Beijing SANKI participates in global public bidding of Sudan state oil ministry, and successfully won the project of oil management system in competition with many companies both at home and abroad. This project is dominated by Sudan's oil ministry and implemented by Sudan's oil company, the total target is 140 million RMB, the products involved are variety. To meet the conventional vehicles, large van and some of the wholesale business requirements, Beijing SANKI has provided 4 categories of products for the project, up to 20 kinds of models. The 300 L/min heavy flow fuel dispenser has won wide acclaim in this project.


In addition to realize the function of traditional fuel dispensers, the 300 L/min heavy flow fuel dispenser realizes the technology innovation in several ways:

Shorten the oil wholesale operation time, bring convenience to our customers

Uses ARM system design, with fast information process, stable performance, strong anti-interference ability;

Mechanical parts through optimizing design, the fuel dispenser adopts integrated design which is convenient for installation and debugging, greatly reduce the energy loss and easy to use;

Increase the function of IC card, to provide convenient means of payment and avoid large amounts of cash collection, guarantee the security of funds.