Don’t put the wrong gasoline in your mower or blower from dispenser

Don’t put the wrong gasoline in your mower or blower
People would get gas for their mowers and snow blowers at the same time when they fuel the car from fuel dispenser for years. But when gas stations started selling gasoline with 10-percent ethanol (E10), homeowners and repair shops began noticing problems with small power equipment, especially corroded parts and engines of it could ran hotter and broke sooner.
Because with the introduction of gas with 15-percent ethanol, small power equipment can be more damaging.
With the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's approval of E15 gasoline for use in cars from 2001 or later, it’s become a choice at more and more gas stations.Even though the EPA prohibits E15 for use in smaller engines, the 3x3-inch warning label on gas pumps is barely discernible among all the other labels, ads, and signs. The new Advanced Formula Ethanol Free Fuel which is begin to be sold at home centers. Husqvarna also showed similar products it will sell through its dealers, as does Stihl with its Motomix fuel. For better protection your equipment from damaging, if ethanol-free fuel costs too much for you, at least buy enough for the first and last fillings of the season. In between, add stabilizer to pumped gasoline. Sta-Bil’s line includes one that claims to protect your engine from ethanol. You should also run your gear often. And at the end of the season, run your equipment dry and drain the carburetor bowl.