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November 2, 2018
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Gas Dispenser


Gas Dispenser Manufacturer

Function of Gas Dispenser :

*Measuring function: Accurate and trustable measurement

*Control function: Guarantee proportion of getting gas, and control the proportion of gas refueling. Guarantee refueling efficiency and safety

*High accurate cryogenic flow meter from Emerson, Measuring available for mass or volume.

*High visibility LCD display with bright back light

*Display of unit price, liters, sales of the gas

*Available function for refueled by preset

*Automatically stop when refueling completed.

*Data can be saved in power off state, display data lingeringly

*Data communication with station management system, monitored and managed by the system.

*Several dispenser can be work with one pump for gas refueling under the control of station management system.

*Breakaway protection function available for the pipe.

*Intrinsically safety, ex-proof design


Technical parameter:

Media Compressed natural gas(CNG)
Accuracy ±0.5%
 Rated flow rate 30Nm³/min( standard CNG dispenser)
40 Nm³/min(Hi-flow rate CNG dispenser)
80 Nm³/min(discharge pole)
90 Nm³/min(filling pole)
Measuring unit Nm³ or Kg
Pressure rage Designed system pressure:27.5 Mpa
Max working pressure: 25 Mpa
Rated working pressure: 20Mpa
Ambient temperature -30℃-55℃(-40℃-55℃)
Humility ≤95%
Power supply 220VAC+10%-15%,50Hz±1Hz
Capacity <200W
EX-code Ex d e ib mb IIA T3 Gb

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