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November 2, 2018
Tire Inflator SK/AO
November 2, 2018
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Multi-Function Tire Inflator


This model combines the multi function including the tire inflation, dust removal, vacuum cleaning, and cleanser liquid, which is one platform to offer the added value to customers. it will help the customers to attract more customers.

Units of Measurement: psi, kgf/cm2(bar),kPa
Power Supply: AC220V±10%,50Hz,600W
Operating Range: 0.1kgf/cm2–6.8kgf/cm2
Accuracy: ±0.01kgf/ cm2
Working Temperature: -40℃–60℃
Environment Humidity: 0–90%
Working Pressure of Trachea: 14 kgf/cm2
Burst Pressure of Trachea: 60kgf/ cm2
Tracheal Length: 10m
Noise: ≤ 45dB

Technology specification of adding water glass

PU input pipe: 8X12mm (Diameter ratio) 1.0m (length)
PU output tube: 8X12mm (Diameter ratio) 9.0m (length)

Technology specification of absorbing dust

Power Supply: 1200W , 220V
Cooling Mode: Cycle
Vacuum Suction: 2000mmH2O
Gas Flow: 53L/s
Noise: ≤62dB
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