Mainboard failure of fuel dispensers and the processing method

Mainboard is the command center of the electrical system of fuel dispenser, affecting  the input and output of all the transmission signal. The phenomenon caused by the mainboard failure is various, for example boot failure, not counting, counting inaccurate, keyboard doesn't work, etc. Processing the mainboard failure has a general principle that excludes all external circuit problem, if the fault is still, then can be judged to be the mainboard failure, if soyou just need replace the good motherboard.

Matters needing attention when replacing the main board

1. First of all, electrify, record the parameters of the original motherboard (flow coefficient, motor schedule, accumulative), the version number and serial number.

2. Power cuts, replace the mainboard and record the new number, check the other relevant connection parts and the attachment

3. Electrify, restore the parameters of the original plate (flow coefficient, motor advance), write down the cumulative number of the new mainboard, change the unit price and density according to the original mainbord .

4. Try to give the vehicle refueling to test its accuracy (in collaboration with the Bureau of technical supervision).