Landesmesse Stuttgart, May.16,2024,Hall5 Booth C70 - The UNITI expo 2024 is coming to an end with its compacted three-day conference programme, Beijing SANKI brought the latest refueling and renewable energy equipment and comprehensive energy solutions.

SANKI released the latest AIoT fuel dispenser series - Skyline, which support multiple connectivity, multiple protocols, multiple payment to adapt to a variety of complex scenarios, which greatly enhance consumption experience and reduce management costs.

SANKI has also upgraded the Prime fuel dispenser, which is currently selling well in the market. It added built-in promotional applications. Gas station managers can independently carry out marketing activities according to their own needs, helping gas stations to attract customer and increase revenue.

The integration of tank auxiliaries and AIoT technology is a highlight of the exhibition. The ATG cloud platform realized remote digital management and intelligent analysis of fuel station metering, environmental perception, and safety monitoring. In order to allow more fuel station managers to benefit from ATG cloud platform, SANKI decided to provide our customers with lifetime free use of the platform during the promotion period.

In order to adapt to the sustainable development trend of the industry, SANKI has also launched EV charging pile products during the exhibition. SANKI hope that make meaningful contributions to society and the environment while also creating value for our customers.

SANKI focuses on various scenarios of energy end use, from planning and construction of energy consumption stations to equipment manufacturing, from installation and operation and maintenance to intelligent control and management, from construction of the entire station to value-added services, the company plows into the industry value chain, forming a one-stop industry solutions.

In the future, SANKI will highlights the customer-centricservice concept, continuously improve the core competitiveness, and contribute to the development of the global retail petroleum and car wash industries.

Lets gather again at the UNITI exhibition in 2026! We believe that SANKI will bring new surprises to the industry next time!