Day 2 of #UNITIexpo2024, SANKI products are in the spotlight

SANKI's latest AIoT fuel dispensers-Skyline, attracted the attention of many visitors once exhibited, especially managers of small and medium-sized fuel stations. For their questions, the engineers gave them detailed answers and elaborated on the applicable scenarios of skyline's latest functions.

A fuel station manager from Vietnam said: “ It is difficult to count losses at oil stations, the purchasing and sales data always inaccurate, and there is no way to accurately grasp the time of filling in oil, etc. These has been bothering me for a long time. The Skyline from SANKI perfectly solved them and the marketing manager knows our market very well, and he knows what kind of solution is most suitable for me.”

A long-term partner of SANKI in Philippines, also came to the booth 5C70: “SANKI can surprise me every time. The new model fuel dispenser Skyline not only has an attractive appearance, but also has the latest Internet of thing technology. I think I can manage my fuel stations well just on my phone with Skyline. We have been using the Prime model for many years and it works well,the newly added promotional applications this time interested me a lot. I think it’s time to give my customers a surprise, too.”

Automatic Vehicle Identification solution-CyberAVI, relying on AIoT has also attracted the attention of visitors. Cyber-AVI addresses the problems of fleet refueling management, such as IC cards within the fleet are abused and easily lost due to improper management, vehicle information is difficult to collect, and the amount and time of fuel cannot be controlled, etc. CyberAVI solves the above problems very well, and combined with the latest CyberBOS online fuel management system, fleet managers can handle the business including fuel operation, fleet vehicle management, data inquiry and devices management.with a lower cost.

SANKI onset presence about highly integrated and modular end-to-end cloud solution attracted many small and medium-sized gas station managers.

In the highly integrated and modular end-to-end cloud solution launched by SANKI, all IoT devices can be interconnected without interfering with each other, and can meet the customers’ needs in different scenarios. Whether it is R&D, manufacturing or design service solutions, SANKI always adheres to the ‘customer-centric’ service concept and strives to solve practical problems for customers.